Training by Position (Seasonal)

We offer training opportunities for our players in a variety of different formats and from many of our different coaches from season to season.  We believe in building our athletes from the ground up based on solid fundamentals, the mental game, and quality reps.  Our goal is to increase confidence, hone technique and give our athletes every advantage possible to make them successful on and off the field.  Click the Registration Button below to find available programs for you.

For questions regarding positional training opportunities, contact Coach Humphreys


Private and Small Group Lessons

Our Coaches are eager to help elevate your game to the next level!!  With flexible schedules and small group and block pricing discounts, you can now get special attention paid to your specific lacrosse needs and desires.  Whether you want to be a better shooter, dodger, defender, goalie or all around player we can design a program geared to you and your skill set.  Private lessons are a great way to get immediate feedback and results on the area of your game that you want to improve.

  • One on one with a coach is how you see results fast.  You can get extra repetitions in a short period of time while Coach critiques and provides feedback on your technique.
  • Bring a friend or two and work on some team specific strategies and techniques that will translate to your regular season games.
  • Choose your favorite Coach or leave it up to us to put you with the Coach that will best suit your game.

For Private and Small Group Lessons, contact Coach Humphreys


Stick Stringing and Repairs.                        

Your Lacrosse stick is the most important tool for success, and making sure that it does what you want it to do is crucial at all levels of the sport.  Whether your new to the game or have years of experience, you should always trust your Lacrosse stick.  Often times new or younger players will purchase a stick and think it’s going to perform right off the shelf…  It won’t!!  Similar to a new baseball glove, it needs to be tended to and tweaked to make it what you want and in most cases it needs to be restrung altogether.

We have quite a few “Stick Doctors” on our coaching staff that can repair or restring your stick entirely.  We have a variety of styles and colors to match your personality, or keep it “fresh” with pure white mesh and strings.  Want a traditionally strung stick?  We can do that too.  Don’t let that factory strung stick hold your game back!!!

For stick stringing and pricing, contact Coach Humphreys –

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