High School Team

9th through 12th Grades

Required Equipment for Varsity: Helmet (sport-specific) in Solid White or Solid Grey, Standard Lacrosse Stick measuring 40-42 inches for attackmen and midfielders and 52-72 inches for defensemen, Arm Pads (or Arm Guards), Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Mouth Guard and Athletic Cup

Team Info:

Asheville Empire plans to facilitate a Varsity team for Spring 2020 comprised of players from Asheville and surrounding areas including Hendersonville.


  • Empire Varsity practices will be three (3) times a week at various locations.
    • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday @ Fletcher Park from 4:00pm-5:30pm
  • All new players will be expected to become members of US Lacrosse and returning players will be expected to renew membership to US Lacrosse. Membership fees will not be included in spring registration.

2020 Spring Varsity Schedule

FRI 02/28
6:30pm @ Asheville High School
vs Asheville High School
THU 03/05
6:00pm @ TC Roberson
vs TC Roberson
THU 03/19
5:00pm @ Christ School
vs Christ School JV
SAT 3/21
2:00pm @ Fletcher Park
vs Asheville High School
April 4th through April 11th Spring Break
THU 04/16
5:00pm @Fletcher Park
vs Christ School JV
TUE 04/21
5:00pm @Fletcher Park
vs Asheville School
SAT 04/25
12:00PM @Fletcher Park
vs Denver and possible 2nd opponent
WED 04/29
4:30pm @Asheville School
vs Asheville School JV
SAT 05/09
TBA @Mooresville, NC
vs Denver and TBD
SAT/SUN 05/16, 05/17
Club Championships @Mooresville, NC
vs Multiple opponents
*All games and times are subject to change. Games may also be added during the season*

Head Varsity Coach


Cody White, Assistant Coach

Team Managers