Welcome to the launch of the new Asheville Empire Lacrosse website.

We’ve burned gallons of “midnight oil” and feel sure you will enjoy the experience of navigating your way through the site!  All feedback is welcomed to make sure it’s smooth on your end and gives the information you are wanting to see on about your club.

Although Fall Ball 2017 is in the rearview mirror, all is not quiet behind the scenes.  New schedules are being born for the Spring 2018 season, Holiday swag is being organized, never a dull second with all the lacrosse to be played in a year!  Coaches will be having a meeting next Tuesday to download their fall ball experiences, and then offensive and defensive coaching drills and strategies will be discussed amongst all age levels to get prepared to bring you all the best Empire season yet. Fall brought the addition of Coach Ryan Herrmann from Mars Hill University.  He ran the Intermediate and Advanced sessions and will be heading up Empire’s 14U travel team Summer of 2018.

Yes, it’s official, we will be unveiling our first-ever summer travel teams this summer.

There is so much interest in playing the travel circuit after rec season that we would like to offer families the option of playing locally for their hometown.  We will be announcing the tryout dates so please look for that information coming soon.  We will play four tournaments, on weekends throughout the month of June and will end with a tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Many of our players have been together for many years and are more than ready to make the leap to travel lacrosse.  All play is done by the end of June, which frees up the summer for other endeavors. We are looking forward to a great experience for all!

There were so many new, excited players at Fletcher Park this past fall…it never gets old seeing boys walk up to the table with no idea what to expect, and as the weeks unfold they gain more and more confidence, after four weeks wearing helmets and gear.  The last session had so much great energy from both the players and the coaches.  We hope everyone enjoyed their time at Fletcher as much as we did and look forward to seeing all of our new players join up this spring!  We had our first year of Empire Select Fall Travel, conducting tryouts for 12U and 14U and playing in the Triad Pumpkin Classic in Greensboro and the Charlotte Fall Classic.  Both teams did incredibly well and did their coaches proud!  Spring is the true travel season in lacrosse, but the fall opportunities for travel are growing every year.  There is always good lacrosse to be played!

On that note, time to get back to work setting up great games for our players.  They really make all of this worthwhile.  Watching them all play lacrosse and grow up at the same time is a true gift.  Lacrosse is here to stay in Asheville and Empire is the place to play.  Spread the word, we look forward to showing many more kids what they are missing!

Warm winter wishes to you and your family,

Mel Ciocian, Executive Director