There are many parents, like me, who never played the sport of lacrosse growing up but absolutely love watching our children play lacrosse. My tendency is to learn all I can about the sport in order to engage in meaningful conversation with my children… other times, I “fake it ‘til I make it”… So this is for you, newbie parents. This is an “unofficial” guide to all things lacrosse. In order to help you navigate through the sport of lacrosse (as a parent and a spectator), here’s a compilation of information I wish someone had for me when my son started to play lacrosse:


Authority Lacrosse Websites

US Lacrosse: Now US Lacrosse is THE authority for all things lacrosse. They do everything: news, scores, educational material, events, charities, you name it. Whether you are a player, coach, official, administrator, parent, or just a fan be sure to checkout all of the resources they have available.

Inside Lacrosse: Perhaps one of the largest lacrosse authorities, Inside Lacrosse provides its users with game scores, voting polls, news articles, rankings and standings, photo galleries and even a full magazine covering the sport.

Lax Magazine: Lax Magazine is the online home for the official Lacrosse Magazine, which is the flagship publication of US Lacrosse. They boast over 400,000 users and laxers.

Major League Lacrosse (MLL): The MLL may not be anywhere near as large as the NBA or NFL, but it still provides excellent lacrosse news and happenings. They regularly post videos, events and schedules.

NCAA Lacrosse: NCAA was sort of slow to hop onto the lacrosse bandwagon, but now they regularly air tons of lacrosse games and are now publishing tons of content on the web.

Lax Power: Possibly my favorite lacrosse website to get all of the rankings, schedules, results and news. Oh, and once we get lacrosse into high schools in Western North Carolina, we’ll be able to see all our own high school lacrosse players!



Lacrosse Blogs

LaxGoalieRat – This is THE premier blog for lacrosse goalies.Tons of useful drills, tips and gear recommendations.

LaxCoachMike – This is where the coaches go to get advice. It’s a comprehensive site for resources. His podcasts and articles are insightful and completely understandable. (link to

Lax Lessons: Looking for educational and helpful tutorial videos and resources? Head on over here to find out everything from fundamentals to offensive strategy.

College Lacrosse: Looking for updates and cool news stories on just college lacrosse? This blog regularly posts events like the Tewaarton awards and other awards.



Lacrosse Stores As fitting as the name is, so is this lacrosse retailer. They seems to always stay up to date on the newest lacrosse equipment.

Lacrosse Unlimited: They have modest prices and they come out with creative pinnies and shorts with cool coloring and relevant designs!

Lacrosse Monkey: Lacrosse Monkey provides (as far as we’ve found) the cheapest prices on all lacrosse equipment.

ComLax: Short for Commonwealth Lacrosse, these guys will help you with whatever Lacrosse Monkey cannot.

Sport Stop: This list wouldn’t be complete without Sport Stop as they provide some awesome videos and other resources around the newest product review. Another big retailer, as you’d guess from the name, they have a strong selection and competitive prices. This is a retailer that has a limited supply as they are apparently folding-up their online store.

Universal Lacrosse: Another pretty good retailer, they update their products regularly and should have very competitive pricing.